’11/4′ ANTIFA Thugs Burn A National Treasure To The Ground – MSM Still Silent

The church just outside of Minneapolis where Ronald Reagan married Nancy has been completely destroyed by ANTIFA thugs. A registered historical landmark, the church stood in the small town of Chinaski where Nancy Reagan grew up. All of her children were baptized there as well.

ANTIFA has vowed to go after those exact kinds of landmarks during their “11/4” day of crybaby rage over the anniversary of Trump squashing Clinton like a bug. So far they have attacked innocent bystanders with chains in Syracuse and are organizing in Springfield for something big.

The mainstream media, choosing to side with liberal madness and allow this crime-spree to go on almost completely unreported, is obviously not going to help small outlets get the facts to the people. Luckily, the internet is a place where the free flow of information is all but guaranteed, especially information like this that needs to get to the most important and patriotic Americans.


President Trump is choosing to ignore the terrorists but has vowed to quash any sizable “protest” with the National Guard within minutes. White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Jeff Derpinger, has assured us there will be no rebellion this day:

“The President and all 50 governors are aware of the problem and will be ready to either deploy troops if necessary or step aside and allow someone to lead that will. President Trump isn’t making it optional.”

That’s good news, but not likely to be necessary. ANTIFA has pledged to run in small groups all day to evade law enforcement as they wreak havoc on society. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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