President Trump Visits Japanese Emperor, Obama Shamed To Silence By What Happens Next

The world remembers Obama for many things and one of the more embarrassing memories for Americans was when Obama would bow to world leaders.

It was not as bad as Kaepernick taking a knee but for a nation not used to our leaders bowing to anyone it was a shocker.

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And remains to this day. He was lambasted in the press, in both the conservative and liberal press for trying to please everyone and forgetting that we stand above and don’t play these games.

We are a free country that values economy and innovation over the relics of the past. And for Obama to bow to this leader and that leader was not a good look for him or for America.

Thankfully that is all a thing of the past. Because Trump is not taking a knee and he is certainly not bowing to some Japanese emperor.

According to the Daily Wire when President Trump met with Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko today he did not bow like Obama.

Instead, Trump reached out his hand to the 5-foot 5-inch emperor (Trump is 6’4) and gave him a firm handshake.

A Trump aide told the Daily Mail, in a well-deserved jab at Obama that bowing, “is not his style – never has been.”

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