Clint Eastwood Leaves His Estate To The Trump 2020 Campaign

Clint Eastwood says his doctors have put him on notice to get his affairs in order and prepare for that final trip in one of those limousine station wagons we call a hearse. The famous actor, 89, says he’ll be lucky to see 2019:

“I’ve had a good run. They say I’m probably gonna be on the list of dead people at the awards show next year. Me and that damned empty chair. Guaranteed. Why can’t folks just let that go?”

Eastwood, always in good spirits, says that he’s made a good life for his family and taken care of them with trust funds, homes and large insurance policies and that he’d like to see his personal estate go to something…bigger:

Clint Eastwood Supports Trump

“I have been able to sit here in this magnificent ranch watching as President Trump made America great again in just a few months. He’ll persevere through the witch hunt and I will do what I can to make his journey easier.”

Eastwood is donating his Northern California ranch, 40K acres of grazing land in Nevada and more than $7 million in cash and other assets to Trump’s 2020 campaign. The campaign has said they will be delighted to accept the donation and will use the ranch as a command center for the entire Pacific Northwest:

“We’ll be able to sit up there, far from the prying eyes of Obama and the deep state and the deep levels of corruption still inside the Justice department and FBI, and strategize without worrying about being called before a federal prosecutor for it.”

Clint Eastwood will be remembered for a lot of things after he’s gone, but this may be the biggest. Thanks for a lifetime of entertaining us, Clint!

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