BREAKING: Three Antifa Terrorists Dead After They Messed With The Wrong Patriot

Liberal terrorist organization Antifa’s planned week of violence beginning on Saturday thus far has been a rousing success in that they have managed to beat up an old lady and get themselves killed.

Three masked members of Antifa chanted “IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH” as they cornered a man wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat at the Smart Kart Shopping Center in Bourbon, South Carolina.

According to local news broadcaster WQER, the men were armed with knives and crowbars and were about to attack 76-year-old Marvin Hewlett when their intended victim surprised them.

Trump said

Hewlett,a retired Army sharpshooter, was able to draw his Colt .45 just in time to fire a round into each of his assailants’ chests. All three attackers died.

Police arrived minutes after Hewlett’s heroic act of self-defense, but after learning what had happened they declined to press charges.

It’s a good thing that Mr. Hewlett was packing heat, because while liberals say to call the cops the cops weren’t there in time to save him. His friend Colt, however, was.

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