Tom Fitton Makes Jaws Drop After Sick New Discovery About Obama & Soros

The embarrassing moment when you understand that your Government is giving away your tax dollars to farther along Soros’s net socialist programs…

It is true. Back in 2016, the Obama government sent 9 million of our tax dollars to “that the Justice For All effort in Albania, that will be governed by Soros’s East West Management Institute”.

That is recently reported from the new files obtained from Judicial Watch.

Particularly, the intention of the effort in Albania would be to “provide the socialist authorities greater control of the judiciary.” To put it differently, to put in Justices that are socialist.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch sued to your USAID documents.

The records were published by the Department of Tillerson.

Watch Jaw Breaking discussion about Obama’s Administration Below.

BREAKING: Judicial Watch got 32 pages of documents demonstrating the Obama government sent U.S. taxpayer capital abroad to some bunch supported by billionaire George Soros — that used the money to fund left-wing governmental actions in Albania.

He is. And Soros, Obama, along with the party in Albania.

Considering our cash ended up in the hands of the socialist party in Albania, where else did our hard earned cash go unbeknownst to us throughout the Obama years?

All of them require reform from different nations, and our tax money; Soros and Obama associations.