BREAKING: Michelle Wolf’s Vulgar Jokes Just Cost Her $4 Million.

Even Adam Sandler is upset with Michelle Wolf. In a statement released today from Happy Madison Productions, Sandler said:

“I am diappointed and saddened that my good friend, Michelle Wolf, can no longer be my friend. She went and called our Press Secretary a fat, softball playing lesbian and that’s unnacceptable.

Furthermore, My studio will no longer need Ms. Wolf for her role in the new Little Niki movie, where she was to earn $4 million to play hell’s version of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

Wolf Tweeted back almost instantly that she was fine with that because she was to play Fiona Dourif’s mother in a reboot of Bride of Chucky, but that film has also been canceled, costing her another $410K.

Let this be a lesson to you “comedians” out there. If you think you’re funny so you have no rules…you’re wrong. Careful who you insult. It could cost you millions.