BREAKING: Dead Reporter Mailed Her Lawyer An ‘Open If Something Happens To Me’ Recording Of Bill Clinton

A reporter who was found dead in rural Idaho this afternoon reportedly mailed her lawyer a recording “to be played if anything happens to her.” Her attorney, Art Tubollsof the reputed Tubolls Dabs and Plant says what he holds is “irrefutable evidence that Bill Clinton had my client murdered.”

The reporter, Sandy Batt, 31, was “hot on the trail” of a story about Clinton dating back to the late 1980s. According to her friend, Lauren Perrine, Batt found out more than she bargained for…at the cost of her life:

“Sandy was sure she had finally caught Bill Clinton for something worth reporting. She caught up with him while he was playing horseshoes with Bobby Kennedy Jr. at the Chappaqua compound. She said he admitted to raping and murdering a woman in Arkansas in 1987. I didn’t believe here. She told me nobody would until they heard the tape.

The next morning she was gone. Vanished. Her lawyer was instructed to wait one year unless proof of foul play was found, so when Batt was pulled from that field in Idaho only a week after her disappearance, the trail…and the evidence…were all fresh.

Now Art Tubolls says he has the smoking gun and that he’ll be delivering it personally to Jeff Sessions.