BREAKING: Hulu Cancels Michelle Wolf’s Standup Special After Disgustisting Attacks

Michelle Wolf was hoping to use the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to promote her sure-to-be-terrible standup special due to be released on Hulu soon, but her plan backfired magnificently when she attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks.

Wolf compared Sanders to the monstrously ugly Aunt Lydia on the anti-Christian show The Handmaid’s Tale and said that the Press Secretary’s eyes were “smoky” in appearance — a reference to liberals’ claim that her face is (as Bill Maher put it) “as lopsided as a half-weighted fishing lure.”

A statement put out by Hulu President Irwin R. Fletcher explains that “in light of recent remarks made by Michelle Wolf, we have elected to cancel the standup special” — a huge blow to the former Daily Show writer’s ego and income.

Wolf has been defending her disgusting remarks, but has not yet commented on the cancellation of the show she has spent so much time promoting.

Unfortunately for her, her hatred of President Trump and the strong women who stand behind him clouded her vision of her goals and she has now ruined her career with pointless and stupid attacks that completely failed to earn her applause or laughter at the Trump hatefest the Correspondents’ Dinner has become.

Perhaps now the #MeToo liberals will learn that hating President Trump and his allies  is not only stupid, but it is costly.