TRUMP ON FIRE: Trump Says Iran ‘WON’T HAVE’ Nukes, Tells World to ‘Bank On It’

President Trump doubled-down on recent comments he made regarding the Iranian nuclear agreement Friday; telling reporters Iran will never have nuclear weapons and saying the world can “bank on it.”

The President was fielding questions from journalists alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkal when he was asked whether he had a “Plan B” in dealing with the Islamic Republic’s weapons program.

“Are you prepared to use military force to rein in the nuclear program in Iran?” asked one reporter.

“I don’t talk about whether or not I’d use military force, it’s not appropriate. But I can tell you this: They will not be doing nuclear weapons. Okay?” said the Commander-in-Chief.

“They will not be doing nuclear weapons. You can bank on it,” he added.

Watch the President’s response above.