CONFIRMED: Barack Obama And Corey Booker Threw A ‘ Christmas Crack Ho’ Party On Capitol Hill

Late in the evening on December 22nd, 2006, Freshman Senator Barack Obama stumbled drunk into his tiny office on Capitol Hill and called his friend, Cory Booker. Booker, who doesn’t drink, was engaged in a party that required “ultimate discretion’…and a half-dozen crack-addicted prostitutes.

This is all part of a story about to hit the Internet via TMZ. Their investigation includes pictures of half-naked senators having sex on the Capitol rotunda while the security guard on duty watched. Four of the women, who have now kicked their addictions and moved on, are claiming that there was nothing consensual about their experience.

Colette Montpellier, a Canadian who says she was but 17 when Obama and Booker filled her with crack and booze and sexually assaulted her, is planning to sue both of the men as well as the US Capitol Police. Her attorney says he has never heard such an appalling story:

“What these men did was straight out of a gangster movie. They ran around with full bottles of liquor filling crack pipes with more rocks whenever the girls asked. They had to have spent $30K that night. The result was sexual assault. Lots of sexual assault.”

The Booker and Obama camps are denying the allegations, calling them absurd. Booker says he knows President Obama but that he has never “partied” with him. Two of the women claim to have pictures, and one hopes to prove her son belongs to Corey Booker. No matter what, two of the highest-ranking black men ever in American government have turned out be just another couple of hoodrats.