BREAKING: Barack Obama Sold Cocaine While He Was A Senator

According to records sealed by a federal judge more than a decade ago, Barack Obama was investigated, arrested and charged with distribution of a class B subtance and violation of the public trust. The judge, sympathetic to the plea of a young black senator trying to make ends meet in Washington, DC, dismissed the charges without a finding and wiped the record clean.

That judge, The Honorable Murray Goldberg, told the story in his memoirs that were released this morning following his death nearly a year ago. Obama has filed an injunction against the release, saying that it violated a closed-session agreement he’s been forced to abide by his entire career:

“That this judge would allow such noxious and defamatory information about President Obama to be released goes against everything our judicial system is about.”

The appeal, which has already been shot down by the State Appeals Court in Illinois, will be heard by the 9th district court sometime next week. Until then we’ll have to sit tight to find out who exactly he was selling dope to in the halls of Congress.

If this doesn’t end the liberals love for that criminal, nothing will. Hopefully, there’s enough evidence to convict the traitor.