Trump’s Covert Special Ops Team Uncovers 3 Traitors Running Federal Agencies On Obama’s Payroll

One of President Trump’s first orders of business, when he was sworn in, was to form a Presidential Commission to investigate the loyalties of the directors of every single federal agency. What they found was a disturbing look into the Deep State Shadow Government still being run by Barack Obama. To assist, the commission was given codeword security clearance and a team of tier 2 operators, fully trained in espionage.

After a year of deep-cover investigating, directors of three agencies in non-confirmed positions were found to be in direct contact with Barack Obama at least three times a week. They were present at all Deep State meetings and are listed as managers of NOS Inc, Obama’s private “security” company. They are traitors to our country.

Maxwell Siver, Director of FEMA, Lawrence Shibby, Director of the Department of Transportation and Elaine Baumgartner, Director of the US Department of Agriculture, are all on Obama’s payroll. He controls our food, our highways, and our emergency management. Basically, if his security force grows large enough, he would be able to pull of an actual coup de ta.

All three were given their walking papers this morning. President Trump will install new directors that answer directly to his Secretaries in the Cabinet, not to a traitor with no business being involved in our government. Barack Obama should be arrested and tried for treason. His actions are obviously a move for power, and all the welfare takers would blindly follow.

The left seems determined to turn our streets into a bloodbath as they stifle free speech. It’s so sad.