SCOTUS Shoots Down Obama’s $30 Million Taxpayer-Funded Funeral And Monument Plans

Former President Barack Obama was reduced to tears today when the Supreme Court ruled that his burial monument, courtesy of the US taxpayer, was an unconstitutional waste of money that would need legislation to enact.

Obama, who thought he’d be getting a monument for his family to be buried in right on the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the White House, was crushed at the news and blamed racism for the destruction of his dream:

“Had it been any other man with any other skin color to be the first black President they would be given monuments in every city in America. Only the black man is penalized for being black.”

Critics say the statement is contradictory and won’t make sense to conservatives, whose ability to reason cognitively reduces drastically when verbiage of an intellectual nature is associated with politics. Conservatives disagree, saying that Trump is the best President and he should get a monument.

The Supreme Court ruling, which is all that really matters, was 5-4 against giving Obama and his family a taxpayer-funded burial plot on what would probably qualify as some of the most valuable real estate in the world.

Liberals on the court were disappointed, saying that the first black president should be honored. The monument, which would be smaller than those to Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington, would display progress and “social evolution,” according to Michelle Obama and her big stupid opinion.

President Trump weighed in on the decision with approval, tweeting that no future president should have to look at that monstrosity while standing on the Eisenhower balcony.

Another defeat for Obama and the race-baiters. The world is finally turning around.