UPDATE: Man Who Exposed WaPo For Paying Women To Accuse Roy Moore Found Dead In Lake

Doug Lewis made headlines recently when he exposed the Washington Post for bribing women more than $1,000 each to claim that Roy Moore molested him, including the famous “14-year-old” whose fishy story has captivated liberals who want to keep a good conservative man from getting elected to the Senate.

Now, his entire Twitter history has been deleted and until last night no one knew where he was – and where he was is not good at all.

A man walking his dog near Pinellas Park in New Jersey discovered something floating in the water as he walked past the lake in the center of the park.

According to Lafayette County Sheriff Jacob Burns, the body the man discovered was that of Doug Lewis, who had a bullet hole in the back of his head “consistent with an execution-style killing.”

No suspects have yet been identified, but it’s not hard to guess what happened: Lewis discovered and exposed corruption in Democrat dealings and ended up like everyone else does when they ruin liberals’ plans: dead.

Burns says an “investigation is ongoing” into Lewis’ death, but we’re not exactly hopeful that the right person will be punished.