Three People Who Toppled a Confederate Statue Have All Charges Against Them Dropped…Conservatives in Disbelief ( VIDEO )

As Charlottesville violence kicked off, many began wondering where it would all lead to. The aftermath of the happenings resulted in a woman being murdered by a white nationalist, while a bunch of criminal ‘protesters’ toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina back in August.

Several protesters approached the monument, climbed it and attached a yellow nylon rope around it. The protesters then pulled until it crashed to the ground. Then they proceeded to kick it and dance around it in celebration.

All thirteen people who gathered around the statue to take it down were later charged.

Although there is an abundance of evidence of these people’s guilt, reports just confirmed three of them will get to walk free, having all charges against them dropped.
Zan Caldwell, Taylor Cook, and Myles Spignor who had been charged with two felonies and three misdemeanor charges each., are now looking forward to being free once again.

“While this is a small step forward in this particular iteration of the fight against white supremacy, we must remember that we cannot trust the system to change that which it upholds,” supporters said. “This was merely representative of a lack of evidence, not an acquiescence of power and certainly not an admission of guilt. We must continue to fight until the remaining 12 walk free until no Confederate statues remain until all institutions of white supremacy have been abolished. We say ‘Topple Racism – from Durham to the White House!’”
This smells like something only a liberal could have meddled in.

The charges were once again overlooked, despite the more than viable evidence pointing to these people’s guilt.
These ‘peaceful protesters’ have been long active and trying to undermine anything to do with the Republican party, and to some extent they made it happen without facing consequences.
The rest of the protesters are still looking at serious charges, with trials due any day now.

District Attorney Roger Echols stated that although three of the protesters were dismissed of any guilt, that doesn’t mean more are to follow.

“Cases continue to be reviewed until they are disposed. No one should take our dismissals of those three as an indication of what will or won’t happen in the others,” he said.

Naturally, Americans are more than livid with the outcome, so they took to Twitter to set the record straight.