CONFIRMED: Malia Obama Questioned By Robert Mueller About Russian Collusion

Democrats are panicking as the politically-motivated Robert Mueller “Russia” investigation continued to backfire on them.

Now even Malia Obama has been dragged in for questioning thanks to her 2015 summer internship at The Podesta Group.

Officials have said it is “likely” that former Hillary CLinton campaign manager Tony Podesta will be indicted for his illicit dealings with the Ukraine that happened at the same time Clinton was making promises to help the Ukraine against Russia.

It was rumored that Malia met with Robert Mueller himself more than a month ago, but this information could not be confirmed until Monday when GOP senator Lindsey Graham was overheard mentioning it to his secretary.

While it’s unlikely that she would sell her family or their political friends out, the fact that she was called in at all means that the “Russia” investigation has turned on Democrats.

Now they will be consumed by the very monster they created to destroy Trump. It’s really very poetic.