UPDATE: San Juan Mayor Caught STEALING Supplies From Stockpiles

On Thursday, a bombshell report came out of Puerto Rico that San Juan’s city council had voted to impeach self-described “nasty woman,” Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

At the time not much reasoning was given, though it’s not hard to see why: the Mayor has repeatedly failed to distribute supplies to people outside her own city, allowing the rest of the country to starve while her own people live in relative luxury.

This may be fine for Cruz, but it wasn’t for the city council. Now officials have released more damning details: Cruz has also been pilfering from the supply pile. As reported by the San Juan Tempo Louco Thursday:

[Translated from Portugese]

An investigation into Cruz’s actions began after she ignited a war with the American President Donald Trump when Puerto Rico needed his and his country’s help the most.

The Puerto Rico Crimes Unit discovered “tens of thousands of dollars of supplies meant for hurricane victims stashed inside the mayor’s home” according to a spokesman.

It is unclear if the Mayor had any accomplices, but Cruz and any accomplices she may have face harsh criminal penalties if impeachment is successful.

Impeachment proceedings begin Monda